Personal Cyber Security – Home & Devices

I’ve been asked questions recently along the lines of how do I stay safe doing *insert internet activity here* Based on these questions I’m writing this to give some advice and suggestions on staying safe! This will be a long post but will not be completely exhaustive. I’ve broken these down into categories to make Read more

OSCP Update Week 3

So, My 3rd week of OSCP is done (and this update is slightly late!) I did actually reach my goal of completing all the learning modules and completed my first lab machine. I’m really proud of achievement so far, its been a great learning experience! Notes, Notes & Notes! Well, this week I;ve learning my Read more

OSCP Update Week 2

So, I’m two weeks through my OSCP journey and really enjoying it! I’m still on the videos and exercises and have found there are a lot of them! I’ve got 5 more modules to go then its on to the Labs! Although, I have been using the labs for the exercises. My goal for this Read more

OSCP Update Week 1

So, I’ve completed my first week of studying for the OSCP and wanted to talk about what I’ve learned so far and my progress. Right from the go, I had to make decisions about how i was going to tackle this and there were decisions I had to make right from the start which I’m Read more

OSCP Starts Today!!

So, i thought I’d post a quick update as to what I’ve been doing! After much thought, i enrolled to complete my OSCP and the path to this qualification starts today!! I will be positing my progress each week based on what i’ve been doing and the time invested in this!! I will be using Read more

Book Review – Red Team Field Manual

The Red Team Field Manual Book Review! The go to reference guide for Pentesting and CTF games, but should you own a copy? I was recently bought this book as a gift for Christmas (Thank You!!). I have spent time reading this while completing some CTF’s and wanted to share my thoughts. First off, the Read more