Blog Update – September 2021

I wanted to post a quick Blog update to explain what I’ve been doing over the past few months!

I haven’t had as much time as i would have liked to post new content recently. Despite this though, The Blog has continued to grow and grow! I really appreciate you all reading this and i hope the articles have helped!

I do now have more free time to dedicate to the blog so wanted to outline a bit of the future.

The Future?

The future is looking amazing and i have some great content planned! I’ve outlined some of my plans below!

WiFi Pineapple

The WiFi Pineapple articles are some of my most viewed content! With that in mind I’m going to be doing some more articles around this. I’ve got some new firmware walkthroughs and also planning to do some real world work with my pineapple!


I am doing more writeups! I am currently working on my next one which will be uploaded soon and will be doing lots more! Get in touch if you have a specific one you want me to do!

OSCP & Learning

Due to my time commitments, I have had to take a short break from my OSCP. I will be restarting this really soon and you’ll see more progress updates from then on. As for learning, I haven’t actually stopped my learning as its a continual process. I’ve been out and about with my Nexus and SDR, I’ve learnt mobile malware analysis and lots more!


I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel! So from now on, you will notice that my writeups on my website have a youtube video that accompanies them. The channel was a relatively new idea and more an impulse decision so over next month I’ll be working out what direction to take it in. My current plan is to do THM writeups on there but I will also do some different things too so keep tuned in!

And Finally…..

Thank you for reading and using this Blogs articles!!

I am really happy with the sites usage and really appreciate all of you reading!