So today is an amazing day as I’ve just sat and passed my Pentest+ Certification!

It was a challenging exam and something that you definitely need to prepare for and understand much more than you think!!

To prepare I used two main resources

Dion Training – I used Jason’s Pentest+ course (and emailed him a couple of times), this course massively set me up to pass the actual test. Thank you Jason, i really wouldn’t be writing this without you!!

TryHackMe – This is where I learned a lot of the practical skills and got to test what I had learned for real! This is an amazing resource with endless learning opportunities. They even have a pathway to prepare you for the Pentest+ exam!

Without the two resources above I wouldn’t be in the position I am where I passed this certification on my first try!!

If you are thinking of taking this test or wanting to prepare for this test, please check out the above two resources as they are the reason i passed what is known as a difficult exam!

If you have any questions about it, please don’t hesitate to ask me!