Proxy list and Cheat Sheet

Just a quick update about proxy list and cheat sheets!

Proxy List!

Ive updated the list which can be found Here

This was a task this time as in the Raw file there are 20,566 proxies I’ve scraped from online!

In the known good file, these are ones i’ve checked and verified for speed and anonymity.

I keep this updated regularly so if you need it check there!

On this proxy list update, I have lowered the tolerance so they should be quick!

Cheat Sheet

I’ve also started a cheat sheet for CTF which you can find Here

I’ve included the commands under several headings. I have only just started that this evening but will continually be updating this.

I’ve designed it as a quick reference guide to find the command you need, i hope it helps!

If you’ve got any suggestions what you want including, message me Here