THM Road

YouTube THM Road Video now live! THM Road Writeup The writeup below is for the Road room on TryHackMe, This room is labelled as a medium difficulty and I’ve included the links to the room below. Brief I had a read through the brief and the only two clues on there are the flags are Read more

Proxy list and Cheat Sheet

Just a quick update about proxy list and cheat sheets! Proxy List! Ive updated the list which can be found Here This was a task this time as in the Raw file there are 20,566 proxies I’ve scraped from online! In the known good file, these are ones i’ve checked and verified for speed and Read more

Wifi Pineapple – 5Ghz

I have been having a lot of fun with my Wifi Pineapple! But, Today is a great day as Wifi Pineapple got 5Ghz! I’ve also written a guide further down how to set it up! The Adapter Having read through the Hak5 docs on compatible adapters, there are 2 choices either an AWUS036ACM from Alpha Read more

WiFi Pineapple!

Hak5 released the WiFi Pineapple mark 7 towards the end of 2020. This revision promises to be the best they’ve made, but is it? To be upfront, i bought this device myself and I haven’t received any sponsorship from Hak5. So, what do you get when you buy a WiFi Pineapple? Whats in the WiFi Read more

Kali Nethunter

I’ve been wanting a Kali Nethunter device for a while so recently decided to go about getting one! I had only one slight issue……. I live in the UK! The initial problem I ran into was getting a compatible device (Kali Nethunter Device List). Not all of them were sold here and a lot of Read more