OSCP Update Week 1

So, I’ve completed my first week of studying for the OSCP and wanted to talk about what I’ve learned so far and my progress. Right from the go, I had to make decisions about how i was going to tackle this and there were decisions I had to make right from the start which I’m Read more

OSCP Starts Today!!

So, i thought I’d post a quick update as to what I’ve been doing! After much thought, i enrolled to complete my OSCP and the path to this qualification starts today!! I will be positing my progress each week based on what i’ve been doing and the time invested in this!! I will be using Read more

Book Review – Red Team Field Manual

The Red Team Field Manual Book Review! The go to reference guide for Pentesting and CTF games, but should you own a copy? I was recently bought this book as a gift for Christmas (Thank You!!). I have spent time reading this while completing some CTF’s and wanted to share my thoughts. First off, the Read more

THM – Bookstore Writeup

This Try Hack Me room really caught my interest, mainly because the title and brief gave nothing away! From looking back on this room, I wouldn’t really class this as a beginner room but it is a good test none the less!! Brief The brief on this was literally user and root flags so nothing Read more


So today is an amazing day as I’ve just sat and passed my Pentest+ Certification! It was a challenging exam and something that you definitely need to prepare for and understand much more than you think!! To prepare I used two main resources Dion Training – I used Jason’s Pentest+ course (and emailed him a Read more


DISCLAIMER! This information is written to help with any sort of CTF style challenges, please do not go attempting this against a live website i.e your friend/ex’s/cats social media for the following reasons; 1: You are breaking the law! If you ever intend on working in a Cyber Security role, something like this on a Read more

MrRobot THM Writeup

This is the first write up I have done in a while and the first I have done for THM! This one is quite a long one as there are a few more steps with it being rated as an intermediate room, but if you work through it logically you can do it! Tools Used Read more