Wifi Pineapple – 5Ghz

I have been having a lot of fun with my Wifi Pineapple! But, Today is a great day as Wifi Pineapple got 5Ghz! I’ve also written a guide further down how to set it up! The Adapter Having read through the Hak5 docs on compatible adapters, there are 2 choices either an AWUS036ACM from Alpha Read more

WiFi Pineapple!

Hak5 released the WiFi Pineapple mark 7 towards the end of 2020. This revision promises to be the best they’ve made, but is it? To be upfront, i bought this device myself and I haven’t received any sponsorship from Hak5. So, what do you get when you buy a WiFi Pineapple? Whats in the WiFi Read more

Kali Nethunter

I’ve been wanting a Kali Nethunter device for a while so recently decided to go about getting one! I had only one slight issue……. I live in the UK! The initial problem I ran into was getting a compatible device (Kali Nethunter Device List). Not all of them were sold here and a lot of Read more

Choosing a Kali WiFi Adapter

Firstly, i’ve used a lot of WiFi adapters over the years and there are so many choices out there for Kali! But which ones should you consider? I’ve put a table below with the adapter, price and chipset, but read further below for some alternatives! Adapter Chipset Price Alfa AWUS036NH AR9271 £27.99 Alfa AWUS036NHA RT Read more