TryHackMe – Aratus

Aratus on TryHackMe is an interesting room, below is the path I found that worked for me and doesn’t cover everything I tried, its simply the path I took that worked! Scoping out a library… I started out with my masscan and nmap commands; From my portscan, there were a few ways we could go; Read more

THM Road

YouTube THM Road Video now live! THM Road Writeup The writeup below is for the Road room on TryHackMe, This room is labelled as a medium difficulty and I’ve included the links to the room below. Brief I had a read through the brief and the only two clues on there are the flags are Read more

THM – Bookstore Writeup

This Try Hack Me room really caught my interest, mainly because the title and brief gave nothing away! From looking back on this room, I wouldn’t really class this as a beginner room but it is a good test none the less!! Brief The brief on this was literally user and root flags so nothing Read more

MrRobot THM Writeup

This is the first write up I have done in a while and the first I have done for THM! This one is quite a long one as there are a few more steps with it being rated as an intermediate room, but if you work through it logically you can do it! Tools Used Read more