VenomCheat Script

VenomCheat Allows you to generate multiple reverse shell payloads using MSFVenom and Pentest Monkeys PHP Reverse Shell. What can it do? VenomCheat enables you to generate multiple payloads from one script based on the different parameters you have specified. It also includes a guided mode which lets you select from the different payload options it Read more

Hashcat – Quest for Speed Part 1.5

Hashcat – Part 1.5 on Youtube The search for a faster Hashcat continues….. Following on from episode one, I decided I would add in a WPA2 for our Hashcat speed comparisons! This also gave me an opportunity to use a Wifi Pineapple to capture a WPA2 handshake and additionally, show how the new interface allows Read more

Wifi Pineapple – 5Ghz

I have been having a lot of fun with my Wifi Pineapple! But, Today is a great day as Wifi Pineapple got 5Ghz! I’ve also written a guide further down how to set it up! The Adapter Having read through the Hak5 docs on compatible adapters, there are 2 choices either an AWUS036ACM from Alpha Read more

Personal Cyber Security – Home & Devices

I’ve been asked questions recently along the lines of how do I stay safe doing *insert internet activity here* Based on these questions I’m writing this to give some advice and suggestions on staying safe! This will be a long post but will not be completely exhaustive. I’ve broken these down into categories to make Read more