Kali Nethunter

I’ve been wanting a Kali Nethunter device for a while so recently decided to go about getting one!

I had only one slight issue……. I live in the UK!

The initial problem I ran into was getting a compatible device (Kali Nethunter Device List). Not all of them were sold here and a lot of them were not sold in significant quantities!

So, I settled on the Nexus 7 as my device as they seemed readily available, just needed to find one!

The Nexus 7 had 2 revisions, the one in particular I needed was the 2013 version. I looked through Ebay, Gumtree freeads etc and wasn’t having any luck so what was I to do?

Finding a Nexus 7!

So, in short, I found one on facebook marketplace, it was near me, it was in good condition and price was good!

More impressive was this is the 32GB version!

So, this was advertised, in its box, for £20!

I didn’t even bother trying to negotiate at that!

Kali Nethunter Install

This was a bit of pain on the Nexus 7…….

Firstly, the device needs rooting which is easy enough using the Nexus Root Toolkit and a bootloader!

I then had a lot of fun trying to install the Kali Image!

The order I found that worked for me to get everything up and running.

1 – Root the device with Nexus Root Toolkit – Download

2 – Install Kali from the Nethunter page here – Download

3 – Download this gitlab repo and create the installer from the sh script in nethunter-installer Download

4 – Root the device again with the Nexus Root Toolkit

Once id done these steps, I was up and running with my £20 Kali Nethunter Tablet


I was sceptical about how good Nethunter would work on a 7+ year old device.

I was wrong, it works fast enough for what you’d need it to do!

My plan is to play with it some more, learn some more functions, but there is something oddly satisfying about seeing a metasploit banner on a tablet.

I hope you liked this, as always, any comments let me know HERE