VenomCheat Script

VenomCheat Allows you to generate multiple reverse shell payloads using MSFVenom and Pentest Monkeys PHP Reverse Shell.

VenomCheat on Github

What can it do?

VenomCheat enables you to generate multiple payloads from one script based on the different parameters you have specified. It also includes a guided mode which lets you select from the different payload options it can generate.

You can also specify if you would like the windows payloads encoding (using Shikata Ga Nai) and how many iterations you would like this encoded with.

It can also just generate everything (around 70 different payloads), just set it running and forget about it!

I also added a function where it generates a WordPress plugin reverse shell automatically with the IP and Port you set.

Where can I get it?

Awesome question!

Like Hashcloud, you can find this on my GitHub at

You can always use Git Clone in Linux too!

Prove it works!

Whats Next?

I am also going to be adding in sequential port numbering and making a few tweaks to guided mode in the next version!

Thank You!

Thank you as always for reading!

If you have any suggestions or feedback for me get in touch here!