Useful Links

I am in no way affiliated with any of the below sites or organisations, these are just things ive found and use.

TheirSecurity Youtube – CTF Walkthrough Videos and Amazing How To Videos #ShamelessPlug – Website for Kali Linux includes documentation and OS Downloads

CyberChef – Useful for decoding ciphers – Website for cracking password hashes – You can participate in CTF Games

GTFOBins – List of Unix binaries, good for Privesc

Boxentriq – A link to the Boxentriq Cipher identifier

Reverse Shell Cheat Sheet – On the pentest monkey website, a list of reverse shell commands

Dion Training – A great trainer for IT Security, I’ve used Jasons courses to prep for exams

Defcon Youtube – Great Channel, you can watch their previous talks from DEFCON on youtube!

IntelliJ – My favourite IDE for python from Jetbrains, you can download the free community edition

Anaconda – This is the IDE I use for anything related to neural networks using the spyder application

Goorm – A cloud based IDE, they have an option specifically for MySQL which is good for practicing MySQL.

PHP Reverse Shell – Made by Pentest Monkey, my go to when i need a PHP Reverse shell

LinPEAS – This is like magic, run it on a linux machine and it will give so many ideas from privilege escalation.

Upgrading Shells – A good reference guide for beginners on how to upgrade shells with simple, short commands, i still use what i learned on here.